Our differences need not pull us apart.  Disagreements and divides can be an opportunity to find common ground if we engage with respect and civility.

–Rabbi Asher Lopatin


Mission: To establish a culture which welcomes, encourages and nurtures deep civic relationships between diverse people with diverse points of view through respectful, and, ultimately friendly, dialogue and conversation.

Strategic Plan: Create a Center which will reach out to local Detroit area universities to marshal the energy, creativity and wisdom of both the students and the faculty to: 1) train fellowships of college students in the methodology and purpose of civil discourse, and create a close relationship among this fellowship; 2) support the fellows as they learn about, practice and integrate civil discourse into their college experience; 3) empower these fellows after graduation to turn their civil discourse work into coalitions working on civic projects; 4) partner with others in the American civil discourse world to establish a national network for a community of respectful debate

Location: Metro Detroit is an ideal location for a national center for Civil Discourse because of the diverse communities that are playing important roles in the renaissance of Detroit  but need to work together to re-build the wider metropolitan area.